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"Sufgania" Font (the Hebrew for donut) is a decorative Hebrew font took me 3 months to design.

It is a round and thickly-packed font, without negative space, and is recommended for use with small letters spacing. It is a decorative font and is especially appropriate for use in headlinesand commercials, or next to graphic illustrations and/or doodles.

It has two weights – Lines weight, and Fill weight, which when combined - create the complete letters with inner twists. Mixing and combining the two weights in different ways make cool and funky designs really easy, which is why the font has a lot of pre-designed letters and glyphs, as well as cool decorative ligatures (which can be activated using the Open Type feature).

The font was inspired by my own hand-drawn drafts , so it has a very illustrative and decorative look, but it also has a very precise and meticulous style. It is built using perfect round shapes and inner twists that give each letter a different and distinct appearance.

ספסימן סופגניה-01.png
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