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My name is Omer Mizrahi, I’m 32 years old and I am an illustrator and a lecturer living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I have a Bachelor's of design degree in visual Comuunications studies in Shenkar College of Engeeniring and I currently work as an illustrator in Papaya Gaming and a freelance lecturer. I previously worked as UI artist, Literary and Art Critic, and youth instructor. 

I was always attracted to the world of Illustrations and animation. As someone who always had a good approach to technology, and served the Intelligence unit in the IDF, I always try mixing media – combining digital and art, hand drawn illustrations and digital animations – and that is how I came by the Augmented Reality technology, which allows me to combine all of my fields of interests in art, and also making the audience take part in experiencing the art.

I love travelling and tracking, swimming, listening to music (especially Israeli music), Playing computer and mobile games, and giving lectures in my areas of expertise. I draw inspiration from all of my hobbies as well as from the Israeli culture, food culture and music. As part of the LGBT community in Israel I also create art that has to do with the community.

I thank you for visiting!

If you liked my portfolio, You are more than welcome to contact me for any kind of projects and job offers.

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